Youth Advocates Zimbabwe Nominated For Global Innovative Award

Having made strides in reaching out to marginalised individuals who belong to different groups of society using their Helpline, Youth Advocates Zimbabwe (YAZ) has gained international recognition by bagging a nomination for the Global Innovative Award at the Data for Development Festival to be held in Bristol City, UK next week.

YAZ is one of the five shortlisted organizations for the award. YAZ Executive Director, Tatenda Songore said their use of data in addressing issues among the adolescent and young adults has earned YAZ international recognition. 

By Pearson Mbendera

“The award nomination is about how we are using data to improve services for adolescence and young adults in general. We are one of the five shortlisted organizations for the award,” said Songore.

Mr Songore will also be among the speakers at the Data for Development Festival.

The Data for Development Festival is an event the partners and friends of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data will focus on driving action and fostering strong links that will lead to improved outcomes as the Global Partnership community looks ahead

The event provides an opportunity to participate in numerous thematic events, network with the global data community, meet representatives of the Global Partnership’s new Board of Directors and Technical Advisory Group, and shape the partnership’s future.

YAZ will also be showcasing some of their and will be pitching for funding to some organizations there so that they can continue providing the service that they have been providing and to reach an even bigger scale.

Speaking to TechnoMag last year at an event at Holiday Inn in Harare which ran under the theme, unleashing the power of data in health service delivery, Mr Songero described the Helpline as an ICT drive set to cater for various information needs in the fight against HIV and other issues.

“The Helpline is an ICT drive (Calls, SMS, social media, mobile application) and community approach that aggregates information to increase the availability and use of data to meet the urgent and complex needs of the Zimbabwean populace on integrated HIV and other developmental services.”

At the moment, YAZ is still working on ensuring that the helpline is intergrated with other networks, but it is already intergrated with Econet and their toll free number can be accessed with an Econet line free of charge.

It is a good thing that the vital work that YAZ has been doing has gained them international recognition and hopefully it will lead to a lot of opportunities opening up for them.

Funding and human resources have been the major issues that have been affecting YAZ, but with their new global recognition and a chance of acquiring funding from some other international organizations.

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