Thousands Attend POTRAZ Centenary Road Show

THOUSANDS of people attended the POTRAZ Road show at Centenary growth point which coincided with the opening of a Community Information Center (CIC) which is set to act as a research hub for the community.

The show attracted people from neighboring areas within the Mzarabani district,with some having traveled not less than 80 km to grace the occasion. The road shows are part of POTRAZ’s drive to educate the public on consumer rights  and those of children in this age where technology use has grown beyond imagination.

By Michael Gwarisa

Speaking on the sidelines of the road show, POTRAZ Director, Postal Services, Kennedy Dewera urged the people around Centenary to use internet wisely now that a more reliable internet source had been brought closer to them in the form of the CIC.

“This CIC can be used for various reasons, farmers can research on possible crop or livestock diseases outbreaks, school children can also do their academic researches online.” he said

Ward 15 Councilor, Cleopatra Muange said the Centenary CIC had come at the right time for her community as farmers and most residents around the area also need to be connected to the outside world.

“This ward is made up of farmers, secondary and primary school children. We are happy that here in centenary, we now have access to computers and the internet.

“Most of our children used to struggle to access computers, even though government had embarked on a a computerization program, the computers were not enough. Now they can come here any time and benefit. Farmers also need to know about weather and the right crops to grow as well as link with markets for their produce,” she said.

Radio Zimbabwe popular DJ, Richmond Siyakurima who was a  major highlight at the roadshow also took time to echo POTRAZ’s mantra of child protection regards the internet.

“Children should be protected against abuse of any kind and with growing use of internet, children should be guarded always. The CIC which has been unveiled here is not for surfing porn or other obscene stuff.

“This is why children need protection from such harmful and disdainful material. The telecommunications regulator, The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe recognizes that the internet has many advantages while not sidelining its demerits,” he said.













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