#Breaking: NetOne Terminates Facebook and Twitter Bundles

NetOne will terminate two of their popular social media bundles Facebook and  Twitter, as they continue to re-align their One Fusion offering towards profitability, while those who had already purchased can enjoy the current bundle, awaiting the new One Fusion bundle. 

This could be another make or break move for their popular package, as they move subscribers to new habits altogether, few days after data connectivity issues, while the new One Fusion  package  has all the data benefits. 

In a move that apparently appears to be a give and get, NetOne says they would rather give their clients enough data bundles without necessarily dictating to them the social media platform to use them, but rather give them liberty to chose, as they offer pure data bundles.

“The realignment is a result of concerns from subscribers on the failure to play videos on Facebook and other social media fora. The latest repackaged NetOne OneFusion bundles have addressed the issue by removing the Facebook and Twitter independent bundles, creating a pure data bundle” said NetOne.

Noting the changes from the packaged social media offerings to total data availed, the move is good news to those who would rather want unsanctioned data to browse across all platforms yet they is a major loss on actual data offering if tallied together.

The recently launched   $3 OneFusion has collapsed the Facebook bundle into the pure data bundle to give 350MB in total, while retaining the 250MB WhatsApp bundle separately.

The baby $3 Fusion used to offer The bundle comes with one hour OnNet, 10 minutes Off Net, 250MB generic data, 250 WhatsApp bundles, 250 MB Facebook bundle and 10 SMSes.

#Breaking: NetOne Unleashes One Fusion $3, Slashes Data Tariffs.

The $5 one fusion used to offer 300mb data and 350mb for Facebook but now it  has 500MB pure data and 350MB WhatsApp.

The $10  Dollar OneFusion now has 1,1GB of data and 450MB WhatsApp bundles.

This previously offered to the platter 130 minutes of on-net talk time, 40 minutes to other networks, 800MB data, 805 WhatsApp, 1035 Facebook, 500MB Twitter plus 30 SMSes, call times have not been affected by the changes.

The $20 OneFusion has 1,8GB data and 600MB WhatsApp bundle, with the $50 OneFusion allocated 4,5GB and 900MB for WhatsApp. Hundred One,Fusion has 9GB of pure data and 1,1GB WhatsApp. The $150 and $200 OneFusion packages have 13,5 GB Data, 1,3GB WhatsApp and 18GB Data, 1,5GB WhatsApp respectively.

Validity of packages, allocation of call minutes, short message services (SMS) and WhatsApp bundles have remained unchanged, still remaining the most affordable value for money combinations on the market. 


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