DHL To Unleash Several Products Next Month

DHL Zimbabwe says they are looking forward to launching several services next month amidst indications that they have already introduced a cargo aircraft to their fleet. 

The courier company was supposed to unveil a lot of products last year. In a telephone interview,  DHL Zimbabwe managing director Jeff Phiri could not divulge much of what is happening at the company but shared that March will see a lot of products being launched.

“We are in a closed period so I cannot divuiglge much for now. But what I can tell you is that we are looking at March this year to unveil some products,” he said.

He said work is underway to see these services unveiled.

“The thing is we are processing some things such as regulatory approvals and due diligence but watch this space for March,” said Mr Phiri.

In August last year DHL acquired a new cargo plane with more carrying capacity

“DHL is always forward looking. We have exciting products that we are launching.. Recently we upgraded our aircraft







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