New GTel X6+ Drives On 4 Cameras

For the new Gtel X6+, its all about the detail, and Gtel wants to tell the story in a different way with images butressed by 4 visual irises as they capture your memory with precision beyond pixels.

While buying a mobile phone is largely dependent on processor power, storage space and the beauty that cover the bears, today the pictorial power of a phone makes one stand out and be the to go phone to capture those special moments.

G-Tel has announced that it will be introducing a new beauty on the market the G-Tel X6+, a more clearer, slimmer and powerful gadget set to take the market by storm.

The phone is custom-engineered with power-saving technologies which are optimized to run all applications more efficiently; to use less power whilst still delivering the performance speed you need.

Engineered to perfection! The Gtel X6 Plus is innovated with 2 front facing cameras custom made to ensure crisp photography. The 20 Mega-pixel front camera is tailored to capture as much detail as possible when it comes to selfie photographies to produce the best natural looking selfies anytime, anywhere!

The Gtel X6 Plus phone has four cameras, the 20 Megapixel front camera captures as much detail as possible when it comes to selfie photography’s whilst the co-engineered 8-megapixel selfie camera is crafted to augment the 20-megapixel main selfie camera allowing  you to capture selfies of up to 120 degrees!

The dual rear camera hosts a 13 + 5 Mega-pixels that redefines your photographic shots. The 13mega pixel camera stands in as the shot taker to give you the high definition clarity and resolution beyond comparison. The 5mega pixel camera acts as a focus angle, focus and blur clear camera.

Gtel phones are mostly known by users for their long battery life the Gtel X6 Plus beholds a monstrous 4010mAh battery, powerful enough to guarantee you 2 days of continuous usage without recharge!

The new Gtel X6 Plus comes with a clearer and bigger view screen, a 6inch IPS HD+ display, which is guaranteed to infuse your interface experience with the most amazing visuals.

The Gtel X6 Plus is bolstered with the latest Android 7.0 Nougat, engineered to ensure the seamless interplay between hardware and software, that allows your device to work much faster and economical. This ensures unjammed performance whilst multi-tasking, gaming or movie watching!

The phone is also secured with a rapid fingerprint chip scanner at the back, tailored to ensure your device unlocks within 0.2s, to ensure that all your files are kept secure and readily accessible simply by the touch of your command!

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