#TechExchange: HITFILM To Lead Consumer Compositing Softwares?

The film industry has struggled a lot over the years to make visual content more enticing and make the impossible a reality which was later resolved by the development of computer softwares such as Adobe After Effects and Nuke among others.

Though they are still acclimatizing to the engineering of video manipulation HitFilm has managed to create a powerful software that incorporates both editing and compositing.

By Stephen Denga

Local Digital Artist Nqobizitha Mlilo founder and  lead producer for Nafuna Tv explains Hitfilm as a fast compositing software, but  still infant to compete with After Effects.

“Hitfilm is faster and ideal for tight deadlines ,however After Effects  is more convenient since it has many options and features.

“Hence i can safely say Hitfilm has a long way to go in terms of competing with After Effects and Premiere,” he said.

Understanding the software would be best if its description is coupled with a comparison of the well-known Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Hitfilm was generous enough to include inbuilt plugins that are not available for free to After Effects Users and these include the Lens Flare generator which is similar to the Video Copilot (VC) Optical Flares and Red Giant Knoll Light Factory.

Working in a 3D Environment is much smoother with the inbuilt 3D Engine compared to the VC Element 3D which requires a powerful graphic card to work around it.

Other inbuilt effects that the software boasts of is the particular system similar to the Red Giant Trapcode Particular which has a variety of settings that enables even creating a city of 3D buildings.
hitfilm rockets smoke simulator

Cutting costs has been the top priority for the developer as they have added editable 3D simulators which include smoke, gunfire and explosions that are more unique from the VC Action Essentials pack for After Effects and other video editing softwares as they are easy to manipulate in 3D space.

a href=”http://www.technomag.co.zw/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/3d-object-import-hitfilm.png” rel=”attachment 3d object import hitfilm

Color correction is just a click away with a whole free bundle of presets that gives good film looks to video footages close to the Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks plugin for After Effects.

3D Projection of flat images does not need a lot of creating lights, layers, scaling and duplicating of footage or creation and importing of vanishing point from Photoshop but just a click away.

Switching between editing and compositing is simple and it does not strain the system like the Adobe dynamic link.

Moreover they have also managed to create a link with mocha which tracks video footage and use camera data to manipulate the content.
mocha tracking hitfilm

The only drawback is the lack of expressions, a function that allows linking other effect values to keyframe others.

In addition to that, the camera function has limited setting compared to after Effects but it blurs though and adjusts focus distance.

For learners who want to venture in video production Hitfilm   is the best because of its simplicity and user friendly interface compared to any other compositing softwares,

Professionals in the field argue that after effects is the best noting that it has tools that one can better comprehend for starters.

“First time users should try and learn using After Effects  since it has the basics of video compositing  features ,”cited Enqore.

The software enables you to directly watch video tutorials for various topics that help users to familiarize with the tools.

However considering that it has been around for only a few years they have managed to roll out four versions with the latest being the Hitfilm 4 Pro.

Most above all Hitfilm costs nearly 10% less than After Effects since you don’t have the headache to buy additional plugins.


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