Barclays Bank Closing, Few ATMs Offering rands, NMB Under Siege!

Barclays Bank will be packing out of the Zimbabwean market, it has asked every  depositor to transfer funds outside their bank, While Most ATMs in Zimbabwe have run dry- out of cash and only a few are offering South African rands and NMB facing closure.

So these were the headlines that you probably read through this week and for a second got your heart pumping out, but wait a minute, who is the source of all this news or is it rubbish! 

By Delight Mawere

Alas!!!This  past week made me reflect on  how powerful social media, WhatsApp and Facebook in particular can be!!Whatever happened to respecting people’s privacy and using  social media  platforms for sharing jokes and important news?

Here is the actual fact about the Barclays story.

Barclays Bank Zimbabwe (BBZ) has emphasised that it remains committed to the Zimbabwean market and will continue to broaden its product range and increase client flow in spite of parent company Barclays Plc’s announcement yesterday that it had moved the operations to the list of non-core assets that it holds with an intention to sell.Yesterday Barclays Plc outlined a plan to gradually sell down its 62 percent stake in its Africa unit, Barclays Africa Group Limited and de-consolidate the business from its accounts within two or three years.

The bank said it would also accelerate the sell-off of unwanted assets. It also added its Egyptian, Zimbabwean and Asian wealth businesses to the pile of “non-core” assets it holds.Managing director George Guvamatanga yesterday told analysts that even though there is now an intention to sell, BBZ remains a part of the Plc family and remains committed to serving its customers


Why have we allowed these copy and paste blogs in Zimbabwe to continuously fool the nation with screaming headlines, of-course 90% of the time it takes a real fool to believe their stories because the only time they get to write an original  story after their copy and paste business, it has to be a hoax or a sick joke!

Firstly there was the issue of NMB bank where a hoax story went viral which advised users to withdraw all their money as the bank was closing down.

“To those who have NMB accounts and haven’t heard the news I advise that you move your money as soon as is humanly possible. Got a tip from a senior manager that it is to go under curator ship,” read the alleged hoax message.

One would think people would wait to hear an official statement from the Bank or Reserve Bank but no,people went into a frenzy ,with some rushing to the bank soon after receiving that message.

It seems social media  is now  more powerful than we ever imagined and will keep getting stronger .Our local newspapers and broadcasters are now fighting against self-proclaimed journalists and reporters who can just report anything at any time that they feel like doing so courtesy of social media.

Barclay’s Bank Africa , just recently was rumoured to be  closing down,though in actual fact,the bank which is listed on Johannesburg’s stock exchange  is considering to sell 62.3% of their shares.However the final date and prospective buyers are not available yet and the move is not finalised yet and people’s deposits and savings are safe contrary to the  reports that were enouraging people to move their savings to other banks.


Another chilling story also sent the country in a frenzy  where a report  went viral on social media about a  model,Tafadzwa  Mushunje who was abusing  a minor and allegedly  injected the child with  HIV  positive blood.

Turns out the story was actually true ,with the model behind bars and the child up for medical examination.Thank Goodness!!!

A few months ago,a video of a “monster” like infant  who was suffering from a rare disease went viral as it was alleged that the child was at Parirenyatwa Hospital  which turned out to be a lie. We have  also came across cases  where people edit people’s pictures and write bad stuff about them or write tarnishing things about them and put their number below to call them which  are then circulated on social media.

Even more surprisingly was the report  which was circulating  alleging that Harare Auto Machines had run out of cash with only a few issuing out South African Rand instead of the US dollars,This was another big fat lie and business was a norm  as people were  withdrawing US dollars from ATMs .

However let us  bear in mind how social media saved Tafadzwa Mushunje’s victim,as she is now behind bars and the story under investigation .

Social media is  being used and can be used  for a good cause by some organizations like the ministry of health which disseminate information to the public through these platforms.It is also making advertising a less stressful and expense free  occupation where people are now advertising their merchandise on these platforms.

In politics,people are experiencing freedom of expression as there is no one who can  censor them,the public can now discuss matters of interest without fear of being intercepted or attacked for saying too much.

It is of interest to note  that cases of social media abuse are on the rise at an alarming rate  in this country.People are now taking for granted the  power that was given to them and not using it for production.

Social media guarantees  freedom of speech,STOP abusing it and  use it for  building up .The sooner we realize that social media is a tool which we  can use to empower ourselves and  make our voices be heard the better,instead of  using it to spread negativity and lies.

We are now tired of this craziness and  people better stop it.I honestly think the government should introduce laws that govern the use of social media otherwise this is going to worsen,especially when the abuse is getting worse to the extent of tarnishing and affecting big companies like NMB bank and Barclay’s Africa.

We cannot stand back and watch people abuse  social media platforms. If people can’t stop abusing these platforms,the best possible  solution  will be to govern the use of social media and impinge the right to freedom of speech that  they are already abusing!!!

I was one of those people  who were against the blocking of social media in Uganda during polling days 2016,but after taking some time pondering this,i actually think it was fair enough, people tend to abuse social media and the government of Uganda was bold enough to block this abuse and allow people to focus on the main issue which was the voting process.

Perhaps,the public should take lessons from such incidents.Other countries like Iran,North Korea and Turkey have social media platforms blocked.Use social media for a good cause!!

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