UZ Student Develops Cambridge, Zimsec Offline e-Learning Program,

University Of Zimbabwe Students have continued to jump on to the Zimbabwean startup sphere with various projects and this time this duo has developed an off line e-learning program  tailor-made for both Cambridge and Zimsec students that is is ready to be used and have already commercialized the program which is now for sale. 

By Shingie Levison Muringi 

Shepherd Makuvara a 3rd year Computer Science student at the University of Zimbabwe has developed an exciting E-Learning program that is accessible in offline mode. In partnership with his friend Dennis Mutambanuki, they both worked tirelessly to come up with an integrated e-learning program which they named ExamKit.

The most exciting aspect on these startup is that Shepherd managed to re-engineer the AuthorKit into his own model called the ExamKit which suits Zimbabwe’s education curriculum. This program has all the subjects that are available for learning in Zimbabwe.
ExamKit was developed from AuthorKit’s version 1.6 and incorporates Zimbabwe’s ZIMSEC and CAMBRIDGE syllabuses from Primary Level up to the A’Level. The program has detailed notes on each and every topic with provision of graphic presentations as they appear in textbooks. Most importantly, students get to practice real exam questions and get immediate feedback on their scores.

Worked Example
A complete worked example on ExamKit

ExamKit has all the arsenal needed by a Zimbabwean high school student to pass his/her national exams. Through a detailed interview concerning the credibility of ExamKit, Shepherd said they managed to develop this program using intense consultation with ZIMSEC and CAMBRIDGE’s popular examiners.
After completing a certain topic, users of ExamKit are able to practice specific questions under a timed exam mode. When the student finishes answering questions and click submit, a resultant score accompanied by a complete review on performance will be posted back.
ExamKit syllabuses are accompanied by video tutorials to help the student with visual understanding on specific topics. This architecture provides an always standby teacher to help the student on topics which needs visual understanding. Shepherd went on to say that the motive behind ExamKit was to help modern teachers to move away from the chalk board and resort to smart learning of using projectors. This could be another very important initiative that will help players in the education sector to economize on chalk production costs.
ExamKit is available to both teachers and student with variance only in the costs of installation and leased periods.

Schools are able to acquire ExamKit on corporate basis where they are able to disseminate the contents to all their scholars prior to a signed agreement with the developers. Shepherd and Dennis further highlighted that they are now busy trying to advance security settings on the program to counter piracy.

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