New Potraz Board To Elect Director General

The recently appointed Potraz board yesterday officially joined the Potraz management team for formal inductions and familiarisation process as they warm up to execute their mandate to regulate the telecommunications sector in Zimbabwe.

Speaking to our TechMag TV crew during the official induction, the Potraz board deputy Chairman and Mr Sibangumuzi Khumalo said the team was ready to drive the regulatory body forward and would want to give direction and correct outstanding and sticking issues in the earliest time possible which include permanently filling the director general post.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

The deputy chairman however confirmed that they will still need time to fully integrate and settle in with the Potraz members. They need to create systems that helps Potraz not to engage in any unnecessary expenditure but rather continue to focus on regulatory issues that will bring development into the telecommunications sector.

The acting Director General (DG) Mr Baxton Sirewu highlighted that top of their priority was to create a level playing field and an environment that promotes innovation while they safeguard the interest of the consumers.

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Mr. S. Khumalo interview
Potraz deputy board Chairman Mr. S. Khumalo explains their vision while the Acting Director General Mr Baxton Sirewu looks on

“We want to create an enabling environment as a high priority for the operator and consumers issues are key as we continue looking into modernising the environment so that it becomes amenable to innovation because the creation of an information society is key for the development of the nation at large.” Said Sirewu


Mr Sirewu also added his voice that they need to timely complete the infrastructure sharing framework they have been working on in conjunction with the ministry of ICT Postal and Courier Services as this serves the purpose of safe guarding the consumer.

“Infrastructure sharing is a key priority, we are strongly against the erection of resource wasting towers where we have multiple towers in a radius of 50metres or so, it does not make sense because we are extending the cost to the consumer and why are all operators comfortable with trenching from Harare to Bulawayo, the question again is on whose cost?.

The new Potraz board was recently appointed by the Hon Minister of ICT Postal and Courier Services after firing the last board over graft and mismanagement issues. The newly appointed board chairman Mr Brian Mutandiro however resigned due to conflict of interest issues while he joined Netone as the New COO.

The other board members are the Deputy Chairman, Mr Sibangumuzi Khumalo:  He was the Zimbabwe Defense Forces Director of army training. He led the Zimbabwe School of Military Engineering and the Zimbabwe Corps Of Engineers.

Winston Marufu:a mechanical engineer by training,has significant experience in product development, design and implementation, through to installation and final commissioning.
Ms Nancy Saungweme, the only board member who bounced back from the fired board, she has vast experience in intra and inter government relations, having worked in the office of foreign affairs in the office of protocol and political affairs department.  she is a prominent property developer and was selected  a board member of First Banking Corporation Ltd in July 2005.
Mr Fradson SHAVI,  works in the Office Of The President And Cabinet, a dedicated telecommunications professional with high level qualifications.
Doreen Sibanda is the Executive Director of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe.

The legal rep is yet to be announced to join the board of directors.

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