Econet Launches Ruzivo, An Elearning Platform

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has introduced an e-learning platform targeted at primary and secondary schools, the zero-rated e-learning product is called Ruzivo. According to the head of Ruzivo services, the digital learning platform has been endorsed by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education Curriculum Development Unit(CDU). 

The service is compatible on every device that has internet capability , this is an added advantage to those who cannot afford high end mobile phones .

The grade one to seven students can be assessed by their parents through set exercises and tests which are developed by the Ruzivo Internal Content Developement Members.

The content and curriculum being issued out is approved by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Educations Content Developement Unit , this is an indication that its recommended that students learn from Ruzivo. However looking at the internet usage in Zimbabwe most students in the rural areas do not have access in these areas.

As for institutions, it takes a registration through the Ruzivo Office and when approved, the institution then registers for the number of students that want to use the Ruzivo Platform (each students for $2). The service has a 0 rated system for those who use Econet sim cards  , this is an advantage to those who use the Econet sim cards for no costs of browsing , as for other networks charges will occur.

Being a log in service, Ruzivo becomes a tailor made  for the user according to their performance , many are the times when yo enter a classroom and everyone is way ahead of yo and you are left behind as a student , that is a solution which was provided by Ruzivo.

As a student learns, Ruzivo gives reports of the students performance to enable monitoring of the learning progress . The monitoring is electronically managed which automatically eliminates cases of human error.

Most benefit will be in the rural areas where there are unbearable learning environments, this is a problem which needed a solution and with Ruzivo students can now learn upto date information even in remote areas.

This is a disruptive technology from the norm of learning in brick and mortar to on-line learning equipped with up to date syllabuses  . The Zimbabwean education system in the Secondary suffers mostly from old book which are of no relevance to present times especially in the technology field , Ruzivo can make a big difference adding on to the already existing platforms like Elearning Solutions.

The  missing element on this platform was  Ndebele and Shona , these are our first languages and most spoken in Zimbabwe , Ruzivo was suposed to cater for that on the launch but we will be keping you posed on developments for the mother languages.


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