Powertel’s $35 Fibre Causes Stir In Hillside

The Powertel fibre campaign  last weekend almost brought  business to a halt when they amplified their fibre promotion  to Hillside Shopping centre as consumers jolted to get the most affordable opportunity to connect to fibre in Zimbabwe.

Scores  of people were confirmed to have signed up for the Powertel Fibre optic campaign which has taken Hillside by storm, as the state owned Internet Access Provider, ZESA subsidiary continues to innovate and flexed its muscles in the medium density suburb.

Speaking to the marketing manager of Powertel, Mr Prosper Mutswiri, he expressed satisfaction on the uptake of Powertel Fibre and concurred that the Zimbabwean home market is ready to be connected and they could do much better.
It seems Powertel has deliberately crafted their new rates with ZOL fibronics  and TelOne in mind as they only removed a few extra dollars in their quest to superiority. Powertel partnered community shops and local supermarkets in their product awareness campaigns and hopes to draw the thousands of unconnected clients in Zimbabwe.

powertel fibre coverage map

The real fibre war was sparked by Telone when they launched their fibre to the Home at $36, and now Powertel  have also unveiled theirs $35

However Powertel still needs to do a lot as they are yet to invest in most residential areas , meaning their good promotion will only be confined to few residential areas they have built infrastructure so far, otherwise the real big deal is a game of numbers.

Zimbabwean home market is slowly but surely appreciating the need of real fast internet connectivity for entrainment at home and service provider should quickly move in and service the demand with lucrative packages and fast connectivity.



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