Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe Migrates To New Visa Technology

The financial institution recently announced its move to adopt the latest Visa Cards which offer added security features. The bank has started making provisions for its clients to apply for the new Visa Card that will definitely add security when transacting.

By Shingie Levison Muringi 

Visa Business Group
The Visa Business Group

Stanbic Bank has always been a partner of the Visa Business Group, providing simplified financial solutions to its clients. The Visa Card enables account holders to perform online transactions, ATM withdrawals and most of all carry out international transactions.

The bank has over 18 branches around Zimbabwe, providing Internet banking services hence providing convenience to its clientele. What is refreshing about this bank is its ability to move with times as it continues to battle for supremacy with other financial institutions.


Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe
Stanbic Bank’s Previous Stripped Visa Cards


Stanbic offers Personal and Business banking solutions which include in-house transactional services, savings and investments accounts among many other elite financial products. This bank has stood the test of times and one still wonders how this institution continues to mastermind its survival in Zimbabwe’s unreliable economic trends.

The bank is advising its customers to visit their local branches to apply for their new Visa Cards. This card is the latest invention to counter online fraud, brute force password attacks and many other cybercrimes circulating in the market these days.

Yes, stay updated, keep moving forward. It’s the battle for relevance!!

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