Tech Women To Bring Silicon Valley Executives To Zimbabwe

We all heard about Silicon Valley, the home of technology and Tech Investments. In weeks to come we are going to be witnessing face to face encounters with Tech representatives with a strong Tech background in from U.S.A , Silicon Valley.

Tech women is bringing silicon valley executives in Zimbabwe, the Tech Savy Women have put together a week long workshop from the 21st to the 27th of February 2016, all issues are going to be about Technology , Innovation and support . The main vision on this panel is going to be STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathmatics .

The group is responsible for offeirng inspiration, information, connections for tech women and girls to persue their prjects and careers through mentorship activities such as workshops, educational acivities. There are going to be a 7 day educational retreat from Silicon Valley Executives In Zimbabwe , the main goals to be addressed on the 7 days are

-To network and exchange ideas with Zimbabwean counterparts

-To support Zimbabwean women and girls to make an impact in their communities

-Lead workshops and training in order to build knowledge and skills

-To promote careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics to girls and young

According to their press release Techwomen, are in the process of planning for the delegation to meet with stakeholders, students, and entrepreneurs in Harare. 

Those with business ideas can use this opportunity to discuss and polish ideas and also get contacts to put ideas into fruition . The Zimbabwean women have not been fully involved into the tech world , the perception that tech is for men is slowly chnging and according to one of the discussion points is to support women and girls to make an impact In their communities through tech.

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