Apple Music Reaches 10 Million Subscribers

Apple Music a music streaming service owned by Apple Inc has hit the 10 million subscriber mark , this was announced yesterday by the Apple Team. The music streaming service is now a year old , it startedd off as a 6 months test run and was officially opened as a real music streaming service which lead to the shut down of beats music which was valued at 3 billion.

Many artists are debating their music onto the Apple Music platform, their royalty payment system is said to be more flexible than other streaming services ,especially the spotify payment system which has been hackled with problems of rewarding royalties to artist.

There is however controvesy which is surrounding the 10 million mark ,some critics are saying that the “10 million” is a number inflated by non paying members .In recent studies it shows that Hip Hop is the most streamed type of music in the world, which makes the Beats By Dre a worthy investment I guess.

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