#MondayBlues: Zim Awards Nothing But Fund Raising Schemes.

Maybe this is the best time for self introspection,how do you feel when you receive an award that you honestly know you do not deserve and the better player than you has not been recognized at all?

If you are busy celebrating such an award, here is my message to you!

Shame on you!

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

Zimbabweans are no fools and the only fool here is you the winner and the board that sat down to award a rogue, and undeserving element like you!

Now coming back to the main story,the technological sector in Zimbabwe,just like any other sector has bombarded the public and private press with congratulatory messages of perceived triumphant winners. Winners whom the consumers know nothing about and wished if only they had a better service provision.

The main culprit here is no one but the awards organizer. Most of Zimbabwe awards have been reduced to nothing but mere fund raising projects which do not seek to recognize quality but raise money after conferring useless accolades to desperate non performers who by virtue of being same birds, flock together to fill up a house of losers who spend the whole night chirping and clapping hands for each other.

The sad thing is we all know the truth and we have given up to correct or comment about this national cancer which is eroding our moral values and misleading the regional and international community on who really deserves thumbs up in Zimbabwe.

Most winners in these “awards” are nothing but event sponsors or funders who are willing to go all the way through to pump up their money in return for an accolade.

Award organizers have used this desperation as a draw card, and they know exactly what the Zimbabweans want so the deal is so simple to effect.This week it has been the most nauseating one when most print publications have cashed in on the non deserving congratulatory messages.

When shall we say thank you for the award, but I don’t deserve it, I’m still to up my game because I do not yet have the capacity, infrastructure, technology or market share to get such an award?

What good is an award if its nothing but a lie!

We all know our competitors and we know how better they are against us and where we triumph against them.Yes its business but honesty is the best policy!

Please at least stop celebrating that useless award if you know you don’t deserve it and next time it happens, I will not be kind to keep your names silent.

Focus on service delivery and let the consumers talk about you not you beating your own drums especially when you know you have done little to deserve that so called award!

This is good as feeding chickens with meat while real dogs feast on grain. Simply because noone is saying this to your face is by no means a sign of not seeing the evil, it just sickening!

Thus said, it does not mean we do not have performers, yes we do have players who have been incredibly impacting the technological sector in Zimbabwe, some of them managed to make it in these hall of shame awards, and most of them were never considered at all.


We are also hosting the national Young Achievers Tech Awards, this does not mean we are foolproof but we have done our level best to give the brand to credible people and we strongly feel that winners are rewarded on merit not sponsorship or personal relationship to us.

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