Zimbabwe Wasted 5 Years Dabbling on ICT Policy

While he had kind words for the current Minister, Hon Supa Mandiwanzira, The ex-minister of ICT Postal and Courier Services and MP for Kuwadzana East Hon Nelson Chamisa has blamed the ZANU PF government for retrogressively approaching the draft of ICT policy while to date the nation is still to have a national policy.

“Our government is failing to appreciate that we are in a digital digitalization era where they are carrying around an analogue mindset with most of the government officials and executives being technophobic,”

By Delight Mawere

Hon Chamisa said that the current ICT minister Hon Mandiwanzira is a good guy, but we do not need his goodness, we need more than that, a techno mind and a bit of some best practices appreciation worldwide and globally is what we need.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Indaba of Online Ethics and Privacy in Zimbabwe which was facilitated by MISA Zimbabwe and the Digital Society of Zimbabwe, Chamisa said that all work towards the new policy was already done since the consultation and review process was already complete when he was in office and the policy awaiting to sail through cabinet before it becomes a national bill.

He also questioned why the ICT policy and the ICT bill is created separately as this will be an ultimate waste of resources since the bill should be attached to the policy.

He cited a lot of debt, poor speed, poor skills and leadership as some of the main reason for Zimbabwe lagging behind in embracing all the major innovative digitalization processes and suggested that those in leadership should approach law making faster than technology to avoid suppressing human rights in the process of trying to catch up.

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