Breaking News: Nyangari, Econet's Chief Marketing Going Home

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Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has relieved one of their top executive who had served for many years as the Chief Marketing Officer, Mr Isaiah Nyangari off duty.

By Delight Mawere

Mr Nyangari was known to have announced that he is leaving Econet last week in a move that has shocked many as he becomes one of the fee top executives to leave under the current job termination fiasco which has gripped the nation.

Econet had initially laid off the famous 29 employees before they officially announced that they will continue on the drive that has seen Econet retiring 100 more employees.

He has been known as “Mr Econet” by many in the marketing field a post he has been holding for many years.

When we contacted Econet Wireless Zimbabwe for a full response on the matter they simply said:

“Econet refers you to the statement issued on 7th of October 2015 regarding the retrenchment exercise in which we confirmed over 100 staff had left the company. Due to staff confidentiality policy, we do not identify those who left the company.”


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