Telecel Zimbabwe Closed! Stupid Journalism

If Telecel were a cat, then they should be a big one, maybe a leopard, because they have died too many times than anyone can remember.

They started by dying, before some journalists reported that they have really closed and another one was talking about cancelling a licence which they never had!

So yes, we can say journalism has gone to the dogs!

And these were barking the most!

When people are using a Telecel line to call and confirm facts from a Telecel executive to check if they have really closed, Stupid!

These were all written even when we clearly stated why its dangerous and a bad idea to close one of the few companies sustaining livelihood in Zimbabwe.

These are things which we all do at times journalists, get excited and quick to write because we want it fresh and break it fresh, no one is immune to this illness.

But how come no one has ever written that it’s now open?

This is truly no big deal but I’m just thinking funny how we allowed some things to simply go unchecked!

When some few government executives sit down and decide that they want the nation to talk about Telecel Zimbabwe shutting down this month, then the next month we talk about Baba Jukwa and the next month we talk about Econet Tax evasion, while we are still on that people forget the real issues and we have allowed ourselves to parrots.
Singing the same song because it’s time to sing that song!

Next time please sing alone!

Here is another Big one!

Government buying Telecel Zimbabwe!

Have we fixed all the problems at Netone, If we do have money please give it to ZESA and let those idiot fix our national problems.

Come to think, why is that the same government that wanted Telecel Zimbabwe closed is now eyeing to buy it?

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