Econet' Beyond The Phone Expo Kicks Off, Unveils Connected Home

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe’s beyond the phone expo kicks off today with multitudes of people attending to witness the first ever Expo facilitated by Econet. The event is meant to showcase the products and services that Econet family (ZOL, Liquid Telecom, Technites, Steward Bank and Econet Wireless) offers to the local market and world at large.

By Tongai Mwenje

Speaking to TechnoMag in a separate interview, Executive Assistant to the CEO, Lovemore Nyatsine said that the theme “Beyond the phone” was deliberately chosen to collectively define the products and services provided by the Econet family.

“Beyond the Phone is a theme we chose deliberately because when you look at our business model we have gone beyond just providing basic telephony services in terms of data and voice,” Nyatsine said.

He also took time to briefly explain the products and services that the Econet family is providing to the local market and world at large. Nyatsine mentioned ZOL, an Internet Service Provider which offers communication solutions and Internet connectivity to customers all over Zimbabwe.

Besides ZOL, he also talked about some beyond the phone services like the Econet Connected Home a service where people can monitor their homes 24/7 wherever they are via their mobile gadgets. With this service home electrical gadgets can be controlled or monitored via mobile gadgets thus providing security to home gadgets.

“Besides ZOL we have connected products such as Econet Connected Home where you can monitor your home 24/7, 365 days a year controlling your gadgets just on your phone,” he explained.

Asked on the recent introduction of the 4G/LTE technology, Nyatsine could not fully provide the actual percentage coverage of the fastest technology but only said Econet has the largest 4G or LTE technology infrastructure in the country, a notion that can be contested by NetOne who also claim to be the largest 4G/LTE provider in the country.

“We have the widest LTE coverage in the country at the moment, and we were the first to launch this fast technology back in August 2013 at the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) conference ,” he said

To date, Econet have rolled out products like Econet Connected Car, Econet Health, Ecofarmer, Ecoschool, EcoShopper and their mobile money transfer service, Ecocash among others.

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