Idiots Running ZESA and National Energy

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An idiot according to your Oxford dictionary is “a person of low intelligence”, I don’t like this one, maybe Merriam says it better, “a person affected with extreme mental retardation” that sounds close to home.

Zimbabwe energy sector as a whole, from the minister to ZESA is clueless on how to solve our power problems and these confused folks should not be allowed to run the sector.

I fully understand the ZESA problem and I had pains of explaining how we messed up everything on ZESA and who is lying to who here in as much as we have more alternatives which some people in government will rather never allow.

What is more evil is that one clueless idiot has been sitting on the papers which allows ZESA to have competition and no one dares to solve this issue.

Why have we allowed ZESA to tell us when to cook, watch TV or Sleep?

They have become gods unto us and we are slaves to a monster we have just created.

The big national solar project has gone over years and still another idiot is sitting on those papers simply because he is not receiving kick backs to sign off the deal.

Our MPs as well are idiots, they live in the darkness yet we appointed them to make laws that allow other players to provide energy and create a competitive energy sector.

They too are complaining about ZESA energy so whom do they think will solve this problem 35 years after gaining independence.

Imagine how Zimbabwe will be like if only we had private companies supplying power to millions, wouldn’t that company be successful, wouldn’t Zimbabweans be enjoying so much more.

So someone tells me there is no water in Kariba, go and swim and see if you won’t drown! Rhetoric hey? Utter Nonsense!
There are millions of ways turn around turbines to produce power including the free God Given Wind, if water is the reason how come we never had consistent power even during floods!

Pack up and go and let competent people take over the sector because there is no better definition of failure!

this is #MondayBlues, your No Holds Barred Tech Column, and we have no sacred cows, we have all gloves off and a spade will never be called a bigger spoon.

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