#FridayHacks- How To Install RAM On A Laptop

Adding RAM
Once you’ve purchased the necessary RAM module, you’re ready to add more memory to your computer. Before you start anything, make sure the laptop is completely turned off and unplugged from any power sources for the sake of safety. It’s also recommended that you use an antistatic wrist strap while you’re handling a RAM module.

install ram memoryOnce everything is powered down, you’ll need to find the memory compartment door. Different manufacturers put these slots in different places, but on most laptops, you’ll find a small door on the underside of the machine. Using the appropriate screwdriver, open the door and take a look inside. There are typically two slots for RAM. If both slots are full, you’ll have to remove one of the modules and replace it with a module with more memory to upgrade your laptop’s RAM. You can remove a RAM module by pressing on the little ejector clips that hold the module in place. If one of the slots is empty, you can simply place the new module in the slot. Adding a module is fairly straightforward — it should just slide into place and, once you give it a little push, it’ll lock down with the help of the clips. Again, your experience may be different depending on the company that made your computer, so make sure to check your owner’s manual or support Web site before you start opening your laptop’s case.

Once you have everything back into place, replace the access door and turn on your computer. If everything goes well, your laptop should automatically recognize the extra memory. You’ll find that your computer will boot much faster, run applications more smoothly and switch between programs with less lag time.

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