#FridayHacks- How To Install RAM On A Laptop

So what exactly are you doing when you add more RAM to your system? How do you choose the right RAM? And once you’ve opened up that laptop, how do you install RAM correctly?

ram laptopIf you’ve ever switched from a desktop computer to a laptop, the experience can be liberating. While some might enjoy having a single space in which to work at a computer and organize files both physical and digital, a desktop can also keep you feeling anchored to the spot. It relies on electrical outlets 100 percent of the time, and carrying all of its bulky components from one place to the next isn’t convenient, either.

Laptops, however, run on battery power, and, once sufficiently charged, can operate anywhere you carry them. They’re small, thin and lightweight, so whether you want to lounge on the couch or work at the coffee shop, laptops are portable and easy tools to use.

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