Gtel Director Jumps Over to Huawei!

Its a dog eat dog game as one of the top three mobile phone players in Zimbabwe, has literally “Stolen” human resource prowess, seeing the man behind the successful Gtel brand jump ship to join an international power brand and the third world`s biggest phone manufacture, Huawei.

#MondayBlues as we had earlier on hinted, caught the guy in action behind the Chinese brand, at the recently help Permican awards where he officially spoke for the brand, letting the cat out of the bag.

Robert Gonye joins huawei
It is no brainer, this is obviously an upgrade on his profile as Robert Gonye, the ex-marketing director for Gtel has frantically tried to keep it a secret, we recently confirmed he has now joined their erstwhile strong competitor as the new country sales and marketing terminal manager.

We are not sure if this was the Chinese-based mobile manufacture`s initiative or probably he sold his very successful CV to Huawei, either way, Robert Gonye who recently left Gtel Zimbabwe is now officially with Huawei Zimbabwe.

Reliable sources had informed us that one of the state owned enterprises was seriously eyeing him, but they took too long to regularise the transaction leading him to take the opportunity from the international giant as presented.

We are not sure how he is set to turn around the fortunes of the Chinese based mobile manufacturer, which internationally is ranked as a powerhouse, the third world`s largest mobile manufacture while in Zimbabwe, a brand like Gtel is even well known competing with newer brands like Astro.

Speaking to Johnson Yangsen of Huawei Zimbabwe, He said that Robert Gonye joined Huawei in August, as the country`s sales terminal manager and we are looking forward to expanding Huawei awareness and sales in the country.

Robert added his voice that it is interesting to work with an international company like Huawei, and growth in that dimension is very important to me, as an individual i’m associated with growth and will always look forward to impacting.

Huawei Zimbabwe said, “We are here to make a serious impact on the market, very soon they will be a local device launch.”

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