Solution Centre Drives Next Gen Wireless Network Technology

Aruba Networks, an affiliate of internationally acclaimed Hewlett Packard (HP) through their Zimbabwean power brand partner, Solution Centre are unveiling their next generation wireless networking technology for modern devices to aide convenience with so much ease through their nationwide Wireless connectivity awareness campaign.

By Tongai Mwenje and Toneo Rutsito

Solution Centre in Zimbabwe has partnered their Hardware and software solution provider Aruba Networks to offer Zimbabweans, state of the art access to wireless network, as they increase their penetration into the Zimbabwean market which they already serve 40% of the market share.

“We have been in the Zimbabwean market for many years as Solution Centre and Aruba Networks as well. We have also managed to penetrate more than 40% of the market with networking services, and we keep improving on convenience and security, hence the need to for a massive outreach to let the nation know of our products” said Andrew Mooore, the enterprise Sales Manager.

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Their nationwide awareness campaign is targeted at businesses, medical and education sector, and yesterday in Harare, they kick started their first roadshow which is being facilitated by their partner Aruba Networks before they proceed to Bulawayo and Victoria falls.

Today they will be in Bulawayo while they have already covered Harare and will move to Victoria falls tomorrow as they seek to inform the nation on the various latest technology on wireless connectivity, the security implications, risks and the mitigation process they can take to enhance security.

Aruba Networks Conduct Free Wifi Education in Zimbabwe inside

Speaking during his official presentation, Andrew said hackers today are smart at creating attractive applications that look and feel good, only to disappoint you after downloading and chances are very high you will simply ignore the bad application installed, and the hackers will then use these apps as their back door Trojan horses to create attacks.

He described how worse the situation could be if the applications used are connected on a mobile device which is under a corporate network as this becomes the major security hole which hackers may use to steal sensitive data or attack the network.

Aruba Networks Conduct Free Wifi Education in Zimbabwe crowd

Aruba networks boasted of their layer 7, application security which does not only just block or allow data packets but can as well be configured to treat traffic instances separately like filter or block access to certain pages for the workforce while management can be granted access at the same time.

Speaking to Dean Horsten, the systems engineer with Aruba Networks, he said that the Aruba networks application control level is also flexible enough to give certain priorities to certain traffic for different users or VLans to make it flexible under various management conditions.

“We can look inside data packets to say let internet traffic under port 80 be allowed to move, but certain application like Facebook, or android or iOS automatic updates or mobile apps under the same port maybe blocked as well during certain times to improve productivity, all to suite the clients needs,” said Dean.

Their support will be very much ideal for environments like schools or colleges, hotels or even public Wi-Fi setups where large masses may be getting access to the internet but controlled or limited to what exactly they can access or not.

Speaking to TechnoMag during a YouTube interview on the sidelines of the Aruba Wi-Fi education programme, the Aruba systems engineer, Mr Dean Horsten said, “Our focus is to provide various institutions with simple and secure Wi-Fi access without burdening the IT helpdesk.”

He also stated that as institutions such as universities and colleges break new ground in early technology adoption, the network has become the focal point for radical change, and for this reason it’s of paramount importance to roll out such awareness programmes.

“To deliver the performance that students need in crowded academic environments, like lecture halls, and media-rich surroundings, like dormitories, a robust 802.11ac Wi-Fi network is a must-have to support the proliferation of personal mobile devices,” said Horsten.

Today most companies are now allowing employees to Bring your Own Devices (BYOD), which also causes a major risk if the device is stolen, lost or abused during or after hours if not monitored but Aruba Networks hardware and software solution is active to mitigate such possible attacks and can control device access to data on and off hours to safeguard company`s interests.

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