Innotec Reaches Out Zambia With Mobile and Finacial Services

Innotec a Zimbabwean based firm, will be hosting mobile markets and financial services symposium and exhibition from the 27th to 28th of August in Lusaka, Zambia as they expand their reach outside the Zimbabwean borders to inform and empower the region.

The two day conference which they have partnered TechnoMag as their online media associate is expected to bring in hundreds of delegates and decision makers from the sector and will be running under the theme ‘Embracing Technology for Financial Innovation and Economic Development’.

“Over 200 attendees are expected ranging from ICT managers, regulators in ICT; systems administrators, finance Directors in Local Authorities, telecommunications, policy makers, middle to top Level managers in Banks, MFIs, Insurance providers, Phone and Computer Companies, Media and all stakeholders”, said a company spokesman.

Innotec Private Limited, a socio-economic consultancy company, is set to help create an environment for the development of an all-encompassing ICT through financial services that will take a leading role in the revival of the country’s economy by hosting the second annual edition of the mobile markets and financial services forum.

By Shyline Guvakuva and Gody Jokonya

The two-day conference provides an educational forum for the mobile money ,financial services sector and all stakeholders, giving updates on latest international developments in payment technologies, best practices in IT project deployment, as well as the latest trends in customer service delivery.

The conference seek to demonstrate how banks, MFIs and other payment service providers can accelerate the spread of financial services through mobile and e-channels to previously neglected industries and customer segments.

The conference has been organized to increase knowledge among top managers and professionals in the financial services sector of latest international trends in technology and their applicability in the country.

It is a platform for high-level non-technical managers in all sectors to increase awareness on the vital role ICT plays in their business strategies.The forum will discuss more and broader themes of risk management, governance, regulation and compliance.

An informed media coverage will help build positive images for participants, raising profiles for the issues under discussion.

Reports from POTRAZ, show that Zimbabwe had 5.3 million users (36% of the country’s population) of mobile money services at the end of 2014, transacting over US$1.4 billion in that year. The country’s 3 major mobile phone operators, Econet, Telecel and NetOne, were the main providers of mobile money services.

Conventional banks on the other hand, had around 1.5 million users (11% of the country’s population).

The unprecedented growth of mobile money proves that there is need for deeper appreciation of the impact of mobile banking.

The rapid growth of the mobile money sector has undoubtedly changed the way business is conducted in all economic sectors. It is therefore important that regulation and innovation find an optimum coexistence, to avoid misinformation and misconceptions that may cause a negative impact in the market.

The same event will also be held in Harare, Zimbabwe, running under the same theme and objectives. The Harare meeting will be conducted on the 24th to 25th of September 2015, a month later after the Zambia conference.

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