How Contraceptive Causes Cancer and Pregnancy Complications.

Family planning is a method that was invented to control child birth. It has helped a lot since women can now plan on having a child preventing the birth of children labeled as mistakes.

Examples of family planning methods include the pill which has a variety of pills that include secure ,control ,morning after and deoferm just to mention a few, there are other methods but the writer seeks to concentrate on the pill.

By Shyline Guvakuva

The question asked by most people who have no idea on how the pill works will be why most women leave the brown pill when taking family planning pills?

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The birth control tablets are designed in a way that after 21 days of taking the white tablet, take the brown tablet for 7 days or not take anything for that period to allow the uterus to shade.

“A lot of women are abusing the tablets by not taking the brown pill for their own selfish reasons not knowing that it has serious side effects and could cause serious harm to their uterus,” said a medical practitioner in the country who chose anonymity.

It is important for the uterus to shade and when one skips the brown pill the uterus lining keeps on accumulating because it is not shading and this could cause the uterus lining to develop uterus lumps which could in time become cancerous.

Another problem that is caused by skipping the brown pill is failure to fall pregnant this is because of the confusion that will be caused by skipping the pill.

The reasons on why women would put themselves at risk range from being selfish or economic. The selfish reason is because they just do not want to follow their menstrual circle hence taking nature into their own hands or because they do not want to miss out on sex because they are menstruating.

The economic reason would probably be that the pads or tampons used are way too expensive and considering that because of the rampant job cuts a few women cannot afford a single decent meal let alone buying pads or tampons leading to these women postponing their circle.

In a research carried by TechnoMag around the town of Harare, most women have no idea on the effects of skipping the brown pill because they just think the tablets all work in the same way which is not the case.

Health clinics should put more effort in educating women on the pills they take especially the public clinics.

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