Herald Fires 80 more

The dark cloud continues to hover above the nation as the state owned daily newspaper last Friday served 80 more individuals with letters of dismissals.

Few months after announcing retrenchments plans, those who heeded the calls are smiling all the way to the bank as many continue to sing the #MondayBlues, while employers continue to terminate contracts based on the supreme court ruling.

According to our sources, these were not targeted at any specific department but were random across the publisher, as they embark on massive cost cutting measure, and seems the weakest link did not see the next weekend on the pay roll.

The employees are said to be served with the infamous 3 months notice of termination of contract and benefits and have packed up their all, already.

The Herald, Newsday and Daily news media house have all sent most of their employees packing , downsizing their operational bills, with mostly journalists being affected.

The major frightening thing is where are all these over 20 000 employees going to, how are they going to sustain their own families, what happens to their brothers and sisters who used to rely on them?
We maybe creating a new breed of criminals for our own land, unknowingly, In as much as all these companies deserve a sustainable operational bill.

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