Cloud Health Application Launched By Zimbabwean

Tech enthusiast came up with an idea to build an application that can be used by prenatal and postnatal women to guide them all the way before and after birth, this was a solution of the child birth and baby care information being given for free for the parents.

Prenatal and Postnatal care is a worldwide soft spot issue that needs the health ministry and private sector to take part in, the nation has had a fare share of deaths before and just after birth private organizations like Econet tried to offer solutions for such a delicate issue with Eco Health but then the government quickly stopped them.

The provision of information on how to live a healthy life during the prenatal and postnatal period is available on the application. The information on the issues that have to do with pregnancy will be coming from actual doctors who can be reached out to by communication through the “Speak To A Doctor” platform.


Cloud Health can also be used to locate the nearest medical center anywhere in the country online and offline. By login on the application you can get a map on where the nearest clinic everyone who has the application can just login and get a map on where the nearest clinic, hospital and medical centre is.


The application offers Daily Tips on how to live a healthy life before and after birth, when one logs in they can see a countless number of tips about living a healthy life before and after giving birth. According to George Hove “This will help in terms of having someone to attend the patient without considering the factor of distance” .

According to one of the founders of Cloud Health Mr George Hove the application is supporting the Ministry of Health efforts to have an effective health system. However, the main question that still stands on this smooth app is , will the ministry of health allow it to start being deployed to the public?.
This will be a major hurdle even though they say they are close to signing because the hospitals themselves in Zimbabwe are struggling with technically equipping themselves.

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