Innovation Prize For Africa A Must Attend

HyperCube Hub is today going to be hosting an Innovation Prize for Africa workshop. This is going to be centred on getting innovations that will benefit the nation in various categories that are of relevance in the country.

This is a sustainable initiative to push for sustainable development which will help the Zimbabwean government to avert some challenges in the agriculture and mining sector as well. The categories of the Innovation Prize Africa workshop are as follows.

Agriculture and Agri-Business

Innovations which ensure food secure continent while increasing income for farmers. They range from improved practices in primary agriculture, to value addition initiatives and technologies that increase efficiency across the agricultural value chain.

Environment, Energy and Water

Innovations That address climate change, help develop cost – effective , renewable energy systems , increase to affordable energy and clear potable water.

Health and Well Being

Innovation designed to improve the whole gamut of human health comprising mental and physical well-being. They could be geared towards prevention, diagnosis and treatment of various conditions.

Information and Communication Technology (ICTS)

Innovations which act primarily as enablers, enhancing effiencies in access and delivery of various products and services . ICTs cut across many sectors, but in thi category, technology is a principal factor, offering without which the product or service cannot be delivered or accessed efficiently.

Manufacturing and Service Industry

Innovations that offer new types of services or business models whose overall effect is to increase access to service for markets that were once under-served,or the creation of a whole new market altogether. This also covers a broader range of products not fitting neatly within the above categories including new, more efficient methods or processes for creating new or existing product.

These are the main areas which are going to be a priority at the Innovation Prize Awards , the application for contestant will be here And the deadline for submission will be on the 31st of October 2015.

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