Makandiwa's Prophecy Linked To China Blasts! (Updated)

Exactly 8 months ago, on the 11 Jan 2015 Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa gave a warning on a heavy blast rocking China and said this was an attack and set to spread to the United States of America leaving noone safe but those who put their trust in the Lord.
By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito
The prophetic message was recently confirmed by the video below, and official statement from the ministry said only the prayers saved China as the blow up happened after hours, a time when millions had already knocked off

Yesterday, the internet was awash with news of the heavy blast in China that has killed many the current recorded number is now 112 people dead , injured 720 and many people have linked this to the prophetic message from Makandiwa.
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It is suspected that the blasts may have been caused by nuclear chemicals and something may have gone wrong during the manufacturing or storage of the deadly weapons as officials remain tight lipped.

A report from BBC and official Chinese papers confirmed the heavy blasts but played down on possibility if an attack, but rather an accident.

At least 50 people were killed including 12 firefighters and more than 700 injured after massive blasts in Tianjin, China Explosion erupted in warehouse thought to contain a deadly chemical that can kill rapidly if inhaled, officials fuel panic by refusing to say what was being stored or offering any explanation for cause of the blast.

Some reports had earlier on stated that
“The blasts had ripped through an industrial area in the port city’s northeast at around 11.30pm local time on Wednesday after a shipment of explosives ignited at the warehouse storing “dangerous chemical goods”, according to CCTV, and the second blast came roughly 30 seconds later. At least 17 people, among them firefighters, were killed and 400 injured.State news agency Xinhua said the first blast was equivalent to three tonnes of TNT and the second blast 21 tonnes of TNT.The force of the explosions – which blew walls and windows off apartments and office towers, sending shattered glass and concrete flying – unnerved residents across much of the city of 15 million people.”

A chemical called toluene diisocyanate which can penetrate the skin and cause poisoning was also being stored at the plant, according to a Chinese doctor who warned people to wear gas masks.

Watch: Tianjin explosion large enough to be captured by Japanese weather satellite

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