10 New Executives To Take Over Netone, Many Getting Fired!

After a long wait which had caused massive anxiety at Netone, we received information from reliable sources that Netone will soon be getting 10 new brooms who are set to stir the ship towards its next destiny, while the old guard will be packing up.

“A total of 10 new executives will be taking over the commercial department, Human resources, ICT department and a few current executives will be getting their employment termination letters in line with the proposed labour law” said a source close to the developments.
netone structure

The source also divulged that all deliberations towards the Netone Shakeup were done last night except the position of the Chief operations Officer, and the executives who have been appointed to take over the various posts are yet to be informed, hence it was only unethical and unprofessional to state their names in the press.

“We have just released offers to the applicants and none has accepted them yet and the board is yet to sit over the Chief Operations Officer position, none has accepted the offer and some of the candidates are yet to receive their offer letters yet” revealed the source.

However, only a few of the current executives will be reassigned to other relevant departments while many by day end tomorrow will be knowing their fate!

The source also revealed that ten of the sitting executives who survived the axe will remain in similar position and 6 have been upgraded to various top posts within the new structure.

Besides the interviewed candidates, many will also be served with letters of termination in line with the latest proposed labour bill as the state owned operator embarks on a massive cost cutting measure!

“We are targeting all areas of the business, our payroll is too big and we are now looking for opportunities to reduce costs across the board while maintaining the modest growth we are experiencing at the time others are declining, we have already come up with a plan which will reduce our wage bill by 40% after adding the new executives” added the source.

The Chief Operations Officer (COO) , Chief Finance officer (CFO), Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Mobile Financial Services manager (MFS) and Chief Information Officer (CIO) are amongst the top posts contested for, while the current Managing Director, Engineer Reward Kangai will be pushed to the Chief Executive Officer position.

The second most powerful position for the COO saw three candidates being shortlisted which were Mr Francis Mawindi, Ex CEO for Telecel Zimbabwe who is now based in the United States, Mr Ben Mauchaza who was with then PTC, now based in South Africa and Philip Mudimu who was with Liquid Telecom.

Other sources close to the matter divuldged that the board and government went on a collision path last week over the candidate selected as they could not agree on the final candidate, prompting them to engage a consultant over the final decision with fears that they may end up selecting none of the three shortlisted candidate.

The rest of the candidates are expected to commence work on the 1st of September 2015, should they accept the offer while there is a plan set already to shift around candidates, should the first choice candidates turn down the offer.

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