Finally Some Thinking in Progress at TelOne

Telone is somersaulting back on to the market to become one of the top of the mind service provider with their new wifi hotspot service, which is gaining popularity by the day as the team has gone all out to re-paint their fading colour across the nation.

At one point, Telone was the biggest name connecting Zimbabweans ever, with their reliable and affordable landline service, this was a must have product and every household and business considered themselves fortunate to have one.

As the dynamic technological world continues to shift trends, Today the copper based landline is the least subscribed telecommunication service in Zimbabwe.

Telone quickly tried to remain relevant by introducing a more than 20 year old technology, called ADSL, ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line),an internet access service running on their copper lines, as they tried to tap into a new market as an Internet Service provider.

The ADSL move was noble, but the state owned operator rolled it out a little bit late when subscribers were already looking for cheaper and faster alternatives.

The biggest mistake for Telone was their late entry into the ADSL market, should they have introduced it a decade ago, today they would have been the biggest Internet Access and Service provider in Zimbabwe, but like they say, better late than never.

Another amazing technology they brought was the high speed ADSL , technically called the SHDSL (Symmetrical High-speed Digital Subscriber Line), i am not so sure if they are still distributing it but this was just fast enough than for a normal to heavy user, it was doing the job perfectly well to compete against some entry fibre packages.

Today, it seems the state owned operator may have learnt the power of speed as they come full swing into yet another space which their main competitor had penetrated years back as they begin to bring visibility over wifi hotspots.

Ofcourse, it boggles the mind, why again it took them so long since they had the back-hauling fibre for years and had enough copper wires back then to run descent internet speeds as their gateway for the WiFi hotspots.

Telone is finally flexing its muscle inside the WiFi hotspot market, which if its stick to its initial promise, it will build the first Metro wifi in Zimbabwe, which is a very ambitious project to say the least.

Zooming into their progress on ground, Telone will need to be commended for coming out with a very brilliant implementation plan for their wifi hotspot.

The mass market strategy is likely going to bring them huge returns , unlike their competitor who initially rolled the same technology, but targeting the high end market, which ofcourse may have made huge sense back then, though not anymore.

Telone has this time quickly moved in to occupy a good space around CBD and public places as they seek to bring connectivity from most larger audience. The strategy is simple, yet it still needs a bit more work as it is likely to bring them returns.

I got fascinated about the way they have managed to put up huge banners around the public terminus for local routes. The message is crying out loud and clear and all it takes is for the customer to hook up to the hotspot.

telone copa cabana inside

The major advantage they have have is a mass harvest during peak hours. Today passengers will wait an average 30-50minutes during peak hours and this is the moment that Telone will need to properly define their service before a potential subscriber boards out.

If thousands around these bus terminus finally acquaint themselves to the online habit, then Telone has a major revenue cash cow here. This ofcourse may need a little more marketing than simply leaving those big banners and subscribers to make a final decision.

Ofcourse they have complimented their presence with city wide hotspots targeting most trafficked areas where people are likely going to sit around eating, shopping, catching up and or even used as regular hotspot stop overs.

The hotspots has brought back Telone to the spotlight, the strategy will need other marketing models yet ofcourse this is just but the beginning of creativity inside the wifi world, more is expected from the enterprise if they are to really impact and take over the market .

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