Cimas Upgrades Online Drugs Payment Facility

Cimas Medical Aid Society’s upgraded online drug payment facility will incorporate a one-time PIN (OTP) system to make it more secure and less susceptible to fraud.

Cimas Medical Aid Division managing director Roderick Takawira said the society hoped to be able to introduce the upgraded online system within the next few months after installing the necessary software and fully testing it.

By Tongai Mwenje

The facility enables pharmacists to obtain online approval for drug purchases by Cimas members and submit the members’ claims online.

The new upgraded online facility will involve the use of a one-time PIN (personal identification number), which will be sent to a member’s registered mobile phone number every time he or she purchases drugs at a pharmacy using the online drug facility. The PIN number, which can only be used once, will be used to close the purchase.

Cimas has begun asking members to register their mobile phone number with it in preparation for the re introduction of the online facility.

When purchasing drugs, the member will need, in addition to a valid prescription, his or her Cimas membership card, national identification card and the cellphone that has the number that is registered with Cimas.

Restrictions will also being introduced on how often the facility may be used and how many drugs can be purchased using it without prior authorisation.

The facility was suspended earlier in the year after evidence of extensive fraud in online claims was discovered. The facility was suspended to protect Cimas members’ funds, while ways of making the facility more secure were devised. Since then members have been paying for their drugs purchases and claiming a refund of the cost from Cimas.

To ensure prompt payment of these claims, Cimas has been collecting claim forms from its claim deposit boxes in pharmacies twice a day. It has been making drug claims payments twice a month. Members who register on the Cimas website can track their claims.

“We have been doing everything we can to ensure that members are reimbursed quickly for their drug payments, while the online payment facility remains suspended.

“However, we want to see the convenience of an online payment facility restored as soon as possible. We
are hoping this will be possible within the next few months,” Mr Takawira said.

“We are encouraging our members to register their mobile phone number with us in preparation for the reinstatement of the upgraded facility. We hope they will at the same time register their email address with us, so that we can keep them updated with any new developments and information on our services.

“Members with chronic conditions are being urged to register these conditions with us, if they have not already done so, to ensure they have easy access to the medication they require,” he said.

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