Masiyiwa Powered e-Commerce Business Officially Launched

Today we witnessed the entry of another new player in the ecommerce market named Tengai, which is purportedly owned by Econet founder and chairman Strive Masiyiwa.
The new e-commerce service has officially announced its readiness to contest in the eCommerce market where competition is primarily on getting people to appreciate services.

By Tongai Mwenje

Speaking during the official launch, Head of Countries James Gibson said, ” Its very easy to post an advert on tengai”. Tengai is an online classified platform where sellers and buyers meet for business. Buyers and sellers can search whatever products they want on the platform. Besides offering such service, Tengai also allows users to post listings in any of the twelve different categories.

tengai screen shot.

The head of Tengai also said that their service is mobile friendly as most people use mobile phones. ” Tengai is mobile friendly because the majority uses mobile phone, users can manage apps easily, share the adverts on facebook and tiwtter”, Gibson said.

tengai secure

The will operate as a classifieds platform, with free advertising for anything posted on the platform, along with free browsing for Econet broadband subscribers. The site has been zero-rated for Econet broadband subscribers. Tengai will also have premium listings, with 3 types of adverts for this arrangement. There is the $3 urgent advert, the $4 top advert and the $4.50 homepage gallery listing.

Officially announcing the new product, Gibson said the product will be around Harare and eventually across the country. He said, ” The product will be around Harare and eventually across the the country”.

To register for Tengai is an easy process, since the platform is mobile user oriented you will be asked for a mobile number. Offline, Tengai is selling the ability to contact sellers listed on the site with a free SMS. Premium listings are done via Econet’s mobile money transfer system, Ecocash.

tengai premium

Asked for the relationship between Tengai and Econet Wireless, Gibson said that Tengai is not part of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe or Econet group, but head did not divorce Strive Masiyiwa from the eCommerce product. Tengai is owned by an independent trust in which Econet founder, Strive Masiyiwa, is the major shareholder.

Econet is set to benefit from this relationship through transactional value created for its mobile money service, EcoCash.

The new ecommerce service will compete in the market with already existing players like Webdev’s classifieds,, and the recently launched

The biggest player in this ecosystem is Webdev’s classifieds and is the player to beat in the local online classifieds space. Webdev has managed to establish itself as one of the biggest online classifieds platform with the greatest visibility.

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