Here Is The Solution For Zesa Problems

Our national electricity supply authority ZESA, may need to seriously invest in research and development R&D, to tap into latest scientific technologies and inventions which are already solving the global energy crisis.

While Infinity is a definition for an endless process and scientists around the world have dreamt for an invention that produces endless energy out of nothing which is called perpetual motion.

The concept is of a complex nature yet impossible and physicists have christened the technology theoretical physics as it defies various laws of physics and this has not hindered inventors showcasing their creativity and dodging the loopholes of nature.

By Stephen Denga

A breakthrough in this technology can create energy in infinity for example we can have fuel-less vehicles and uninterrupted electrical power generation without any depletion of resources.

However various prototypes that translate the mechanism to action has emanated from various scientists affectionate to motion and electricity generation.

Daniel Bentea Romanian from California has created a generator that works on gravity and perpetual motion and has power to charge four batteries which feed to a converter that gives out electricity more than enough to power a single house hold.

“It is not bound in any way to something from the outside, it alone produces electricity,”

says Bentea.
Such inventions are more vital in curbing the perpetual energy crises especially in Africa as resources for energy production are slowly depleting with encroachment of desertification and drastic changes on seasons particularly in Zimbabwe.

It is time science and technology institutions start to develop methods of clean electricity production out of nothing to counter energy crises.

As these inventions continue to roll out none of them has been commercialized to power a national grid suffice to say these inventions are in need for further development to handle power generation of a higher magnitude.

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