Dangers of Hair Chemicals

The beauty of a woman is well articulated by her hair and they spend dearly on the nurturing of their hair to enhance appearance.

African or justifiably women world over tend to stumble over desperation on how to make their hair gorgeous .There is an old African adage that says “mukadzi musoro”,and this has led to a problem where women tend to use hair relaxers, synthetic fibres, human hairs which can be helpful and harmful.

By Stephen Denga and Shyline Guvakuva

Girl child hair abuse has been reported by the helpless screams and cries of babies whose language we cannot decode as parents are plaiting the silky natural hair for purposes of beauty and growth.

To understand the nature of pain a small head and fontanel can take, a lecturer in the cosmetology department at a renowned college in Harare who denied to be mentioned by name enlightened on the hair issues hairstylists reserve to share with their clients.

“Babies should not be plaited or blow dry below the age of six as their scalp is normally sensitive and it makes their scalps prone to infections and can lead to permanent hair loss in future.
“It is child abuse, women should also refrain from the use of harsh products,” she said.


Loss of hair can be partial or completely and can affect man or women which is called alopecia.
In man this condition results in baldness and signs can begin to show at the age of 40 and depends on the genetic makeup of a person.

Contraceptives used by women can contribute to the manipulation of hormones affecting hair growth either positive or negatively.

The lecturer also emphasized on how women should be careful in choosing hair styles and hair chemicals that suit their hair type to avoid health discoloration and scalp damage.

“One should know their type of hair, there are no-lye and lye relaxers. Lye-relaxers are too strong for the scalp for example soft n free and no-lye is mild.

“Hair dyes can also cause hair dryness which can cause it to be resistant to oils/ moisturizers and can turn to grey early,” she said.

However for one to maintain their hair well-nourished and avert damage one should regularly shampoo their hair.

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