Nettcash Announces 500 000 subscribers, Launches Mobile App

In less than a year under inception, Nettcash an independent mobile money payment platform, has brought so much creativity with stunning convenience as they launch the most intuitive mobile application that will likely take over mobile money payment in Zimbabwe as they simplify bill payments, sending money and paying merchants.

The Chief Executive Officer with Nettcash, Darlington Kutenha, said that Nettcash is a proud owner of more than five hundred thousand subscribers and ten thousand agents, figures which they have attained in just less than a year. ” Nettcash has managed to attract 500 000 subscribers since inception last year and 10 000 agents across the country while the number is going to grow as we guarantee more and more innovations after this one”, he said.

BY Marshal Saonga
Speaking to TechnoMag during a YouTube sideline interview, The executive revealed that the business has been paying off more than they had initially projected, making it their core business, and the only reason why mobile network operators (MNO) will soon shift the focus from making it a Value Added Services (VAS) to primary business focus.

The Nettcash mobile application which runs under Android Operating System devices is available on Google Store, where users can download the application and start using it on their android powered devices. The system comes with a package called Viral System, where unregistered clients are automatically registered after receiving funds from a registered client.

The service allows to pay your DStv premiums, ZESA bills, your Doves subscriptions, transfer airtime and send cash to any mobile number. The application also runs parallel with an SMS platform and Near Sound Data Transfer, a sound based authentication process whereby a point of sale machine is programmed for it to run a transaction. The aforementioned platforms are mainly used to push and pull financial transactions.

When running transactions, the mobile application always provides you with SMS for any transaction done. Nettcash’s mobile money system is backed by local financial houses, ie NMB bank and Cabs for the purposes of security.


Nettcash transaction charges are not different from network to network, the transaction charges are only applicable on the amount you send and they are only fixed to Nettcash charges. The transaction charges are 17-25% cheaper than the other transaction costs of other Mobile Networking platforms.

NettCash deserves a plus for the customer care service on their application which gives you the right to send feedback now and then in the course of using their application. When using the application it’s always of interest to most of the users to know the terms and conditions of the application, Netcash has made this available and that is a plus for the application.

However, the application is currently confined to Android users, a service deprived of iOS and windows users, the boss assured iOS and windows users of the service soon.
Watch the launch video here

Speaking at the launch Nettcash Managing Director Mr Kutenha confirmed the acquisition of Nettcash with Mozido which is the largest mobile money payment system in South America, what Mr Kutenha complimented saying “Mozido is ready to be there when the storm comes”.

The application is very much affordable when it comes to the size with only 1.71mb, this will be a plus for those who do not have Wi-Fi access to download. In Zimbabwe most services are now being availed online for easy low cost access, Nettcash has made it easier to pay for electricity by having on board ZETDC on the application, this means one can now pay for bills on the application.

Nettcash recently won the Most Innovative organization in Mobile Payment. This affirms their position through the launch of the mobile app, a product that bundles all the payment solutions.

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