Econet Sacks 29 Employees With Immediate Effect!

#MondayBlues, your No-Holds-Barred Tech talk received the list of 29 employees who are reported to have been served with letters of contract termination, confirming our worst fears ever, as we about to see the crumbling of our tech sector, after years of endurance.

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has with immediate effect terminated twenty nine contracts with their employees and many more feared to be announced soon sparking a major outcry and panic as the future now hangs in the air for many.

Previously, #MondayBlues column was digging in on Econet’s pathetic Hypocrisy, before we followed up on Potraz boss being pushed out and the internal politicking at Telecel Zimbabwe.

We followed up on the dismissal of StarFm boss and the sad developments that preceded, then Shingi Munyeza resigning to start the next big thing in Zimbabwe telecoms, before we spoke on how the NewsDay and DailyNews fail to update the good content on their hard copy to the internet.
We then sparked a new one as we seek to understand
what was really going on with the proposed Netone Structure.

Sources close to the matter said the employees who were served with termination also lost their current active, Econet numbers which remains an Econet asset once someone ceases to be an employee.

Efforts to get official comment on the matter were fruitless as the communications manager Mr Ranga Mberi could not pick up his call over the weekend or respond to message sent to him.

We could not get him to officially confirm the list nor deny it but we understand that Econet Wireless will rather not comment publicly on the matter.

“The termination is with immediate effect and its unfortunate that they have already been ordered to stop coming to work, our fears however are that we could be next in the list as noone knows the creteria being used to terminate the contracts”, said an employee.

However we could independently confirm most of the employees below are no longer with Econet Wireless Zimbabwe and their cellphone numbers are no longer registered with the Service providers, confirming that they have already packed up.

If you dial any of these numbers to confirm, the automated system will simply say “sorry the number you have dialed is not available on the Econet network!”

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pedzisai Adaareva 077x xxx 966
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Kudzai Nyajeka 077x xxx 379
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Stanley Bote 077x xxx 866
Willard Mutsure 077x xxx 166
Ignatius Paza 077x xxx 392
Tatenda Mango 077x xxx 236
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Elizabeth Mutsavi 077x xxx 590
Robert Muganda 077x xxx 899
Isaac Parurai 077x xxx 027
Tichaona Ruvayi 077x xxx 099
Christole Mahuya 077x xxx 047
Zodeac Katsidzira 077x xx2 066
Memory Zororo 077x xxx 561
Patrick Hokonya 077x xxx 348
Tinashe Chatikobo 077x xxx 152
Simbarashe Madziya 077x xxx 445
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Giles Doro 077x xxx 831
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Esther Mafara 077x xxx 169
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Vusa Sikhosana 077x xxx 317


We have removed the complete numbers of the affected parties since some of them have registered concerns with us.

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