Video: Supa Softens Stance on 90 Day Ultimatum

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The ICT Postal and Courier Services minister, Honourable Supa Mandiwanzira yesterday softened his stance against the 90 day altimatum he issued to Zimbabwean telecoms players, rather he wanted to engage and get advise from them.

>Approaching the whole matter from a different position, with much wisdom and caution this time,the minister did not flex his muscle, a sure thing they know he can do but took a more engaging position and asked almost all the company CEOs and Managing directors to come forward with he next plan.

By Tongai Mwenje

He mentioned that they may have been things that we do thinking its the best for the sector, yet we are destroying it, and hopefully the 90 day ultimatum was not one of them.

“We want to understand your position and how best we can address infrastructure sharing in Zimbabwe, yes we may be doing it wrongly as the government and not giving you the open and space to be involved as well” he added.

The minister was worried about the implications of the policies some which are already biting the sector forcing most of the mobile network operators to downsize and cut costs for existence.

“It is our responsibility to check what’s going on because we think that what’s happening at Econet is also happening at other operators but it’s not being pronounced in the media and we want to get to the bottom of the problems that the telecommunication industry is facing so that we can assist in coming up with solution”, the minister said.

The minister said it worries them as the government when the telecom sector is not performing to its full capacity hence the need for the two entities to come together and work towards a good cause.

He also thwarted the notions by some people that his infrastructure sharing threats are targeted at specific group of telecom companies.

“It’s also important to understand and appreciate that in terms of infrastructure sharing it’s not only Econet that has reservations, even NetOne has reservations so we are not talking about things that are targeted at someone”, the minister said.

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