Ugandans Forced to Embrace Digital Migration

Ugandans have been forced to embrace digital migration after a court in Kambala overturned an earlier interim order that had barred Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) from migrating the country to digital television platforms.

As the country arrived at the national regulatory authority UCC all analogue switched off. However, UCC implemented the migration in phases with the first phase covering 60 kilometers radius within Kambala metropolis.

The switchover started on June 15 ahead of the 17 June deadline sending the affected viewers in panic modes as most locals were not prepared for the digital switch over. The switchover was followed by outrage and the war was brought to the attention of the court.

On the 17th June Enoth Mugabi a city lawyer filled an application objecting the hastened switchover.
“I decided to go to court after I was grieved by UCC’s move to migrate from the old analogue way of signal transmission to digital which demanded me to part with money for subscription in order to watch TV channels,”said Mugabi.
The magistrates Court in Mengo then issued an interim Order restraining UCC “from interfering with the broadcaster’s transmission of analogue tv signals …ending determination”

The order was sought by Mugabi and issued by his worship Kagoda Samuel Moses Ntende.
Consequently, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) then instructed members to comply with a court order to switch on analog TV.

Two weeks later, Mengo Chief Magistrates overturned its earlier order. It directed the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to immediately switch to digital transmission .Ms Janeva Natukunda principle magistrate grade one said court did not have the jurisdiction to entertain the application filed by Mugabi.

“I find that court had no jurisdiction to entertain the application number 465/2015 and grant orders therein .I hereby exercise my powers under section 98 of CPA and set aside all orders granted in MA 465/2015 on July 2 ,this year.

Under analogue broadcasting, tv stations carry their own signals but under digital migration they relinquished the role to Signet an affiliate body of the Ugandan Broadcasting Corporation that uniforms transmission to a wider spectrum
Uganda’s migration follows some of her neighboring countries like Kenya who have successfully implemented the digital migration early this year.

The appreciation of digital television has brewed frivolities as people demand free and not pay per view television.Can this be because of content aired on our local television channels?

Source: Biztech Africa

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