New Telecel Boss Opens Up To The Media

Telecel Zimbabwe’s newly appointed boss, Angeline Vere, has officially availed herself to the media after almost a month of her promotion as she unpacked the next game plan for the operator.

The new boss, who looked energetic in her address, was upbeat as she announced their bounce back strategy, and How Telecel Zimbabwe has been complying with the Law to clear out the outstanding issues.

By Tongai Mwenje and Gift Chirauro

Speaking at the occasion, Vere said “We are looking at the number of revenue generating initiatives which are tailor-made to bring affordability to the consumers such as super-voice bundles promotions.”

She added that in the coming two to three weeks Telecel will be launching three campaigns namely the Night Chat, 073 4 Free Weekend and Super Voice Bundles. “The three campaigns will give the mobile company’s pre-paid subscribers increased airtime for Telecel-to-Telecel voice calls.” Vere said.

Also, she did mention the issues of Telecel license and shareholding which have been headlining the print and electronic media in the past months.

Speaking on the two aspects she said, “As you are aware that we had the shareholding issue with the government, however, we have managed to have amicable discussions with the government on the way forward in coming up with a win win situation, ”

Recently it has been reported that Telecel managed to pay its first installment of $5million towards their 20year license. This, probably, could be a move to settle the dust within the organisation as it is trying to restore itself to the previous position within the market. Speaking on that note, Vere assured the subscribers full services packaged in a more competent way.

“To the subscriber, paying the license means Telecel is the going concern, it is meeting its obligation and it is here to stay.” She added that, if we had not paid that license the government would say we are breaching the agreement thereby having every right to cut the license.

During the interview with this publication, the Telecel boss also touched on the issue of salary reduction to its employees as previously experienced by Econet employees. “We haven’t reduced salaries per say, but we are saying lets pay the 80% of an individual income in cash then the remainder will be in form of recharge cards.”

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