The New Stunning Gtel SL 5.5xtra Unveiled

Yesterday Gtel unveiled a new face of the trademark with a smartphone that comes in bundled up with lots of deals, inbuilt apps and special hardware enhancements to lure the market to what they have called a contender of Samsung edge and iPhone 6

Their new flagship smartphone, is the Gtel A760 SL5.5 Xtra, a predecessor to their SL 5.5 as the local mobile firm puts a firm presence into industry with a rather stunning gadget.

By Pardon Gatsi

The first thing that you will confirm when you see the phone is a touch of class, they have returned the back glass, completely removing the plastic feel making it an executive phone which looks and feels very expensive.
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Speaking during the official unveiling of the phone the founder of Gtel , Mr Chamunorwa Shumba was confident that the new gadget will give big brands like Samsung and apple a good run for their money as they have a couple of local advantages of them.

“We have don our best to bring a high quality device that will be better that your traditional strong holds, while you still get our at much lower price plus impressive local warranty” he said
chamunorwa shumba 2
Great deals
Partnered with Telecel Zimbabwe, the pone now comes in with lots of Extras to leave the close contenders green with envy, though the package may not too big, it signifies the beginning of real partnerships between hardware vendors and Mobile networks operator.

Here is a short interview we shot using their smartphone with the Marketing and Sales Director, Mr Robert Gonye


Gtel’s gone bold on the design of the Gtel A760 SL5.5 Xtra, has been into the world of metal for its flagship for some time now. The A760 SL5.5 Xtra has Grooved sides for easy gripping on the phone and they made the phone sensual as well. In an ocean of black handsets, the Gtel A760 SL5.5 Xtra stands out like some sort of exotic fish.
Even better, the casing on the A760 SL5.5 Xtra is a matte finish.
Gtel worked hard to make those phones as compact as possible and achieved something of a miracle.
It’s well balanced and light enough too. You’ll happily hold it for hours and that screen is perfect for browsing the internet or watching movies on the hoof.
5.2-inch Super AMOLED LCD screen
1920 * 1080 pixels
359 pixels per square inch
No matter on how bad your eyesight is, this might be a sticking point. As a near-sighted glasses-wearer, I didn’t see any problem with the SL5.5. Yes, it’s noticeably not as crisp as some of the super-high-res displays out there, but I was very content watching a video and had no issue with Web browsing or viewing photos.
The Super AMOLED technology makes 1080p screens look extraordinary, and has been for years. And with bigger screens, the improved pixel count helps make them look next generation. But at 5.2-inch, this seems more gimmick than anything else as Gtel looks for anything it can throw into a new flagship to grab headlines.
The Second Stunner, im yet to come cross a phone that supports various networks all on the same slot, (Have not Tested This)

13 -MP rear camera
8-MP front camera
The A760 SL5.5 Xtra improves on the A760 SL5.5 in both rear and front cameras. The A760 SL5.5 Xtra has an 8 MP which is going to keep you happy for both selfies and Skype calls.

But it’s the 13-megapixel snapper on the rear that’s the most marked improvement. That’s letting you take 4,128×3,096 resolution photos (far, far better than the screen can display) and 1080p Full-HD video also at a higher res than the screen can display.
Android 5.0
Like every other phone maker worth its salt, Gtel has spent the past year or two slowly cranking down on the sheer amount of stuff it slops on top of stock Android.
Anyway, all of Gtel’s greatest hits are still here, and they’re paired with a flatter, cleaner, Physical Design look that comes with Android 5.0. Seriously, it’s terribly refreshing if you’re coming from any older version of android.
Now, I was plenty (and surprisingly) fond of Theme Park’s style the moment I fired up these phones, and also the switch Keyboard were you can choose from about 15 different themes if you’re itching for something else.


Using the Edge
This is where you might expect the A760 SL5.5 Xtra to shine. Tapping chameleon app causes an array of colored bubbles to drift into view. You can assign up to five people their own specific color, so that when they contact you, the phone will spring to life with their assigned hue. It’s a neat trick, for sure, but its value is incomplete. To start, why the limit on five people and colors? And if the Gtel that lights up happens to be pointing away from you, you might as well just flip the phone over and see who it is instead of turning it around to see what color is throbbing.
And one of the best futures that I love is the option to of smart gestures system to support a variety of experience and control, though gesture can be more convenient option at times
Gtel SL 5.5 Launch
Performance and battery life
16GB internal memory
octa-core processor @ 1.7GHz
Battery 2700 mAH
It is an octa-core processor clocked at 1.7GHz. The A760 SL5.5 Xtra both have 2GB of RAM, and they it have 16GB of internal memory but the sad thing is only 10 GB is usable and it has no room for expansion. The A760 SL5.5 Xtra has a 2,700mAh battery. Gtel’s new processors are designed to deliver more horsepower at greater efficiency, which leads to both versions of the phone sticking around for between 14 15 hours of continuous workday use (which in my case consists of horsing around on social networks, firing off emails, taking a smattering of calls and the occasional lengthy bus trips break playing games).

I’ve never been a huge fan of Gtel phones. For years, the designs chintzy and scattershot. Not so this time. Gtel has in the A760 SL5.5 a flagship that feels well thought-out and complete in a way I wasn’t sure the company was capable of anymore. Calling it “perfect” would be irresponsible and inaccurate, but the A760 SL5.5 Xtra is the closest Gtel has come in a long time.
Yes, there are still some elements that prevent it from being the perfect phone this is Gtel after all, a brand that likes to cram as much into the phone as it can get away with.
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