No Fourth Mobile Network Operator Coming To Zimbabwe!

We have just received information that cleared rumors on the 4th mobile network operator coming to Zimbabwe as

thing but mere mischievous excitement by someone smoking something illegal”

Infact, there is actually big news in the Zimbabwe Telecoms sector going on with all involved parties already confirmed the developments in what will be the Shocker Move, when exactly the opposite anticipated happens at one of the operators.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

Of course our big brother Sting with #MondayBlues has clipped our wings not to divulge much and you can only wait for the real juicy news when his time comes, unfortunately!

In the meantime lets just clear the air, if there is any fourth or technically fifth licence after the dormant one offered to Telone, its certainly not coming from Shingi Munyeza, all i can confirm is that the business Mogul is certainly going into Telecoms but not that direction.

The last time i saw him was when he was giving a powerful teaching during the Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa`s Billionaire`s Summit, maybe he got prophetic backing to go that direction, just thinking out loud!

I have said enough already! Over to #MondayBlues!

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