Astro V2+ Packs a Powerful 18Mp Camera

>Astro has made various brands since they officially launched and it has not been easy to pick out some outstanding features from their recent devices, while this time around they have made but a bold statement.

I have managed to get a hands on feel for a month of their new product and for the first time ever they have a smart phone with a very powerful camera that it wont disappoint you if you are particular about clarity and rich elegant images.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

Their powerful camera is a Sony 18mp back camera which stands out sharp against renowned brands complimented by a flash on areas where there is low light. However their front camera is still a disappointment wih only 2mp, which is just a standard for “selfies”. While the V2 only had a 13Mp.astro camera

Their new Astro V2+ a predecessor of the Astro V2 has bounced back on the market pimped up with some couple more features even outside the normal hardware review I usually delve on , they have shipped in an app that will definitely change your life!

I fell in love with their offline , GPS application which can locate my exact position and can direct you anywhere in Zimbabwe, yes take it literally, anywhere in a full map and it does not cost you a dime!

Astro have preloaded the Sygic application, which you will not be able to download for free with full features on your own, hence it becomes a very important must have feature on the Astro V2+.

GPS technology is a satellite based service that does not require your mobile network operator but uses satelites to show you maps and direction of any place under the sun. With this feature you will never get lost neither will you need directions to go anyway, all you need to do is to ask for the address and the app will complete the puzzle for you.
The new V2 plus also ships in with a Quad Core Processor 1.3 Ghz while the V2 only had MTK quad core processor of Dual-core 1.3 GHz which is a major hardware for those who now own the new smartphone.
The predecessor had a 16 GB Storage of internal storage while the processing memory is locked at 1GB RAM, while the new V2+ has the same storage, it has doubled up the memory to make the device much more faster at 2g RAM.
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The operating system is another upgrade with Android – 4.4 KitKat preinstalled on the gadget one notch up from the android 4.3 on on the Virtual 2.
However the new V2 comes in slightly thicker than the V2 which ranked closer to the world`s slimmest phones last year at 6.5mm , while their latest offering falls off the group with a close to 6.8mm with a smart phone.
Their battery life is an average normal smart phone standard with 2300mAh which can only take you through a full day of busy day or maybe two days at most for those who do not indulge in heavy in cell phone usage.

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