#MondayBlues: Cold War At Telecel Zimbabwe

Like a volcano waiting to erupt, Telecel Zimbabwe is currently facing a major cold war as top level management have cracked into two fiery factions, a major showdown which will soon hit the headlines, #MondayBlues has learnt.

In the past weeks, the new #MondayBlues column was digging in on Econet`s Hypocrisy, before we followed up on Potraz Boss Dismissal and now the internal politicking at Telecel Zimbabwe

We have information that a team of disgruntled executives have formed their own cartel against employer and they are fighting from both the legal forefront and backdoor offices to see their way through.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

Sources has it that Telecel Zimbabwe will next week be holding a board member meeting amongst other issues, seeking to have sanity prevail over these matters as well.

Our sources have confirmed that the disgruntled executives have not given up on the war and they are fighting hard to get their dues, or even bulldoze their way to the organisation, #MondayBlues has learnt.
It seems we are heading another showdown as this group is now way too bigger than imagined with critical shareholders taking sides of the matter.

So you think it’s over, i will call you first to prove you are wrong as soon as we finalise what we are doing here, in fact you will be shocked about the outcome of this matter”

stated the source.
When #MondayBlues pressed for answers on how they are really fighting back and their merit, all sources refused to comment citing that the matter was already going through a legal procession so they can not publicly comment.

This matter is far from over, we are fighting back through the courts and unfortunately it becomes subjudice so i can’t reveal any more details to you in that regard”

stated one of the source.
Like the historic cold war, We have information that both parties are all currently building up on their armament preparing for the inevitable.

Telecel Zimbabwe HR Director Mr Patrick Mazibuku and Godfrey Mwendesi the HR manager are also amongst the list of the people challenging their dismissal.

In the meantime, We managed to speak to the Telecel Zimbabwe Communications and branding Officer, Mr Obert Mandimika, who dismissed our article that Mr Octivius Kahiya was fired for incompetence and failed to deliver on the major promises.

“Those are just unsubstantiated claims, everything Mr Kahiya did as a Marketing Director also determined that the Sales, distribution and my communication department get down to work, he can’t fail alone when we were all responsible in pushing all the brilliant projects he came up with like more Fire, if anything is to be said, he was performing very well.”

#MondayBlues tried to push for the explanation on why he then left but Mr Mandimika said that he could not speak on his behalf and they were all at the same management level.
We communicated with Mr Kahiya who is now in Kenya and he professed ignorance that he was at all fired.

However he was not at liberty to discuss the nature of him leaving Telecel Zimbabwe.
#MondayBlues also gathered information that Donald was not dismissed for theft as earlier on reported, in fact it was an old suspension for mismanagement charges.
We wait and see how the events turn in a week or so as the local shareholders are expected to meet up soon.
Telecel Zimbabwe has just got a new lease of life from the Zimbabwe government and they need to fix the bickering and infighting once and for all so that they focus on coming back stronger on the market, which they once celebrated the second biggest mobile network operator in Zimbabwe.

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