#MondayBlues: Potraz Boss Was Forced to Resign!

Mr Alfred Marisa, the man who has been at the helm of Postal Telecommunications and Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe, POTRAZ, as the Acting Director General For the past five years was forced to resign from the post and did not leave amicably it has emerged.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

After #MondayBlues, your new No Holds Barred Tech Column, ran an exclusive video interview with the Potraz board Chairman Engineer Ishmael Chikwenhere and the other board members Mrs Sheila HM Sidambe and Thandiwe Shonhiwa we received more information about what really transpired, leading to the imminent resignation of the then Potraz Boss from a reliable source which vehemently denied the fact that Marisa resigned amicably.
with Potraz board members Mrs Sheila HM Sidambe, Thandiwe Shonhiwa and the Potraz board Chairman Engineer Ishmael at the Kingdom Hotel in Victoria falls 2

The source which refused to be named for obvious reasons revealed that Mr Alfred did not resign but was fired from his post by the newly appointed board which is currently being led by Engineer Chikwenhere, a matter which contradicted the official statement from Potraz board.

“The new board fired Marisa exactly 3 months after it was put in place and to date I personally can not state the exact reasons why but one of the urgent agendas they had was to make sure that he goes ”

revealed the source.

Our source said that Mr Marisa was last year sent on a forced leave in September and there was a rigorous audit that was done in his absence by KPMG as they tried to create a justification or basis linking him to be involved in some shoddy deals.

“Auditors from KPMG came through but their report exonerated Mr Marisa, shockingly, the verdict from the Board still insisted that Marisa be resigned from the post and the real reason to date remains a mystery, unknown to all

revealed the source

Other sources further revealed that Mr Marisa received a golden handshake to keep his mouth shut and was fully paid his package and negotiated his dues including the company vehicle and house he is still entitled to date.
Potraz-Acting-Director Mr Alfred Marisa

The reliable source however refuted some claims that suggested that Mr Buxton Sirewu, the current Acting Director General masterminded his ouster from the organisation as the order is believed to have come from another direction.

When we confronted Mr Marisa to comment on the matter, he repeated his rhetoric and referred us back to the Potraz board.

“I will not be commenting anything on that matter, like I told you previously, please speak to the Potraz board, I have left the organisation and it is not within my interest to be commenting on the matter”,

he said
The Potraz Chairman however had already indicated that Mr Alfred Marisa had resigned amicably from the post.

Efforts to get comments from ICT, Postal and Courier Services minister Hon Supa Mandiwanzira were fruitless as his mobile phone was not reachable.

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