ZOL Directly pokes Telone

It’s a dog eat dog, as ZOL Zimbabwe, a private leading internet service provider takes on Telone, Zimbabwe`s only state owned fixed operator which is running on ADSL , with their new onslaught advert campaign meant to convince the ADSL client that their fibre is way too better.

In a recent radio advert released by ZOL, they did not hide their target but hit point blank that their new fibre packages are way to faster than ADSL.

By Munyarazi Simango, Shyline Guvakuva and Toneo Rutsito
The Advert jingle by ZOL clearly says that …

“Say goodbye to buffering, fibre runs directly in to your house and it’s so much faster than ADSL,… “

In Zimbabwe there is only one company that is offering ADSL, and it’s Telone. Though technically ADSL is a technology, in Zimbabwe only Telone is synonymous to the technology making the two entities inseparable.
The ZOL fibroniks package at $39 is almost equal to Telone`s silver package at 512kp/s download and 256 upload while they have a download cap for 25g

telone adsl tarrifs
To their advantage ZOl offers 5mb/s download 1mbps upload while they have a cap download of 15g within the $39 package.


While it is obviously true that fibre technology is faster than ADSL, it remains a matter of package choice since the average internet speed in Zimbabwe is around 1mbps, same speed offered by both platforms still provide perfect connectivity on the wired technology.

However fibre technology has the capability to burst over 100mbps to a gigabit speed, a technology that can only run under the GPON technology which ADSL will never reach even optimised, hence it becomes the technology for the future.

We will do a comparison of the two technologies in details soon to inform you of the pros and cons of both technologies.
For Telone and ZOL, we just wait and see how the market responds to the new warfare which has now been escalated to dizzy heights.

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