Twitter Turns 9

Most Zimbabweans may have missed this but two days ago Twitter turned 9 and there is every reason to celebrate with them as the micro bloging platform has greatly changed the way Zimbabweans communicate while millions may have joined the platform not more than 5 years ago.

I remember my first time on Twitter, some 5 years ago, with very few Zimbabweans to even mention, i made lots of Twitter mistakes,  like Neo in the Matrix i had to go down the rabbit hole with too many questions than answers before learning the ropes.

Today we are still researching on how many Zimbabweans are on twitter, (#Twimbos) they have been coined but the number keeps growing as most professionals in Zimbabwe seem to be dumping Facebook and taking their conversion to Twitter, mainly because on Facebook its all about the quantity  while quality has been greatly diminished.

While Twitter is celebrating their nine years of existence, and this  news almost missed most #Twimbos as we kept tweeting about day to day issues, i feel we should take some few minutes to recognise this day.

“The microblogging service known as Twitter, which grew from Internet curiosity into essential media tool and social media channel, just turned 9 years old.

To celebrate its milestone, the company, which launched in 2006, created a charming video that features 9-year-old children describing what that age means to them.” reported Mashable.

here is the featured interesting  video where these kids tell us what being nine is all about..

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