Gushungo Stole The Telecel Drag Show

Today, all roads led to the prestigious annual Telecel drag pro, at the Donnybrook raceway, home to Zimbabwe`s professional car dragging where a new comer and amateur Gushungo stole the show, much to the amusing of many.
Gushungo, is an all branded Mercedes Benz ML 63 AMG with high torque horse power 7-speed AMG SPEEDSHIFT with an Engine capacity of 5.5Litres with an AMG biturbo V-8 pulling so much horse Power on 518 hp @ 5,250-5,750 rpm and an Acceleration between 0-60 mph with its first 4 seconds. While clad the whole body with President Robert Mugabe neat posters.
The improvised luxury SUV vehicle stole the last hour of the sporting event leaving the crowd literally screaming.

By Pardon K Gatsi

The Mercedes bend joined the drag race on a false start that saw it failing to compete at all on the first round as the amateur driver was caught off guard as he pumped the engine high raves while he was still in parked mode making him the ultimate deface loser.
This however was to be compensated by other races that preceded as the young man was confident to show what he got under the hood.
The AMG sport car shocked the crowd as it eliminated one by one the rising legends of the day from the fast pimped Subaru and BMWs to the new CLK class prompting many to believe that the SUV was surely extra pimped for the drag.Gushungo2

The final race against the new Mercedes C class was just so stunning and unbelievable forcing the crowd to scream out “Gushungo! Gushingo! Gushungo” as he continuously knocked them out to the top.

The ML63 however could not easily reach to stardom as he was knocked off just when he was battling for the third prime spot, hence knocking him off at the elimination stage.During our one on one chat with the excited driver, who only identified himself as “Bopela” said he was not a professional racer and it was actually his first time to drag but was so much impressed but the results that he also made it to the throne of Glory at the first session of the Telecel grand draw.gushungo

“I’m not a racer, I’m here for fun, but you saw my first race, i was flat footed in park mode and failed to take off, but i pride what Gushing did for me, it was all for fun”


The tops however returned to the traditional leaders with Alan cache, with AC cobra racing back to knock off the second best only to reclaim his position as the all-time champ, his rivalry Terry Allberry gave him a good close run with the exact AC Cobra but i guess the red hood gave him a scaring advantage. Nabil Abrahim maintained his third best position again with his Audi Rs4 making  the  class NE motor vehicle category unmovable.

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