Econet`s Big Bang On Bundle Return Misleading

Econet today had big bang pages adverts announcing the return of their voice bundles which were immediately discontinued after government forced a massive tariff discount across all networks from then 23 cents per minute to 15 cents per minute.

Today Econet had huge pages across all print media announcing the return of the “voice bundles”, taking a much louder position  with the daily news front page and lead street banners  singing from the same page, which normally is a preserve of national hard news.

For Econet the big news is, “Our bundles are back and they are now 9cents per minute”, yet in actual fact they have slightly lost value, as Econet separated the voice from the data bundle, diminishing the value, which attracted much of attention on why the big  deal of bringing them in such a BANG!?

The last Econet voice  bundles  had at least 10minutes  for a $1, yet the new big bang is only offering 8.5minutes for intra calls, thus Econet to Econet and nothing across network.Ofcourse, the justification from Econet is that tariffs  have been reduced, but this does not hold any water since the promotion for Intra calls is not directly affected by the new tariffs.

The Slight change is significant, on the $2 bundle which used to have 20 minutes, yet this time it only comes with 17minutes including 5minutes of across network calls.

However, it boggles one`s mind why the voice bundles should be an option  for any user over their new attractive combos, or is the same old bundle added a bit of text benefits. Under their new Combo bundles, Econet entry point is now $1.10 for with only 8.50minutes  plus a cool 50SMS  while a $2 gives you exactly double the value.


The $5 bundle came back weaker with only 41minutes and 30mb of data plus a relatively useless 150 texts that you can only use within days before they expire.


The message from Econet however seems to be,  ” We are back but we still don’t want you to talk much across network.” Yes, this makes business sense for them as they try to protect their millions of subscribers from getting any value added services which seem to be hotting up from their competitors.

NetOne has stayed strong with their dollar per day bundle, which still remain the most  valuable promotion with 30minutes free daily and unlimited calls after 6pm.

Telecel comes second with with their standard dollar that gives 8minutes voice with bonus while their voice bundles which had 35minutes were also immediately discontinued.

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